USA Gymnastics Doctor Larry Nassar Sentenced to Up to 175 Years for Sexual Abuse


Longtime USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar has been sentenced to up to 175 years in prison for sexually assaulting and abusing more than 160 young female athletes, including Olympic gold medalists, under the guise of providing medical treatment. This is Michigan Judge Rosemarie Aquilina.

Judge Rosemarie Aquilina: “I’ve just signed your death warrant. I need everyone to be quiet. I still have contempt powers. I told you I’m not nice.”

More than 160 women testified at Dr. Nassar’s sentencing hearing. The chairman of USA Gymnastics and several board members resigned amid the high-profile trial. Now, the president of Michigan State University, Lou Anna Simon, has also resigned. Dr. Nassar worked at Michigan State University from 1997 until 2016, and the university has faced widespread accusations of failing to investigate the accusations of his abuse. This is gymnast Kaylee Lorincz testifying on the final day of Dr. Nassar’s sentencing hearing about the complicity of Michigan State University and USA Gymnastics.

Kaylee Lorincz: “I guess I thought it would feel like I could close this chapter of the book. But I can’t. Not yet. Instead, it feels like I’ve been watching a ‘Criminal Minds’ episode, and although the team catches the serial killer, in the last few minutes of the episode you find out that the sadistic killer actually had accomplices, so the story does not end. So, why do I feel this way? You see, Larry Nassar had more than one accomplice. He was not only enabled by MSUand USAG, but they actually fed him his victims.”

The head of the U.S. Olympic Committee and many of the sexual assault survivors are now calling on all USA Gymnastics directors to resign in the wake of what’s being described as the worst sexual abuse scandal in U.S. sports history.