Anthropologist: Humans Organize In Groups Because They are Afraid of Overpopulation

Some cinemagoers refused to stand on Sunday, before the arrests a day later

I see that we organize by the dynamics we do because of population density.  The population size created fear of “the other”, because we were too populated to relate to everyone and because growing populations required more land to grow more food and extract more resources. This took place in a time when our knowledge was not able to comprehend who and what we are or what we are capable of as human beings.  Our abilities were used more for finding ways to identity within the group.  The need to feed so many people caused greater divisions and conflicts; because we were fumbling and chasing our own shadows; the idea of material wealth meant security, the more wealth one had the more sustainable that security would remain. The worth of human lives became stratified as we moved from lineages, to clans that hold our expanding population together to caste and class that assign worth to different human positions in society.   We didn’t know any better, stratification and centralized power came with specific beliefs that were required to be indoctrinated into every human as natural and preferred, to maintain the status quo.

Our abilities for connection, empathy, altruism and creating our world were applied to the accumulation of material wealth, within those projected as protectors, leaders, out group, compared to their group, and we had the right to determine life or death; loyalty and tributes were paid to those who has been taught as royal blood, elites across the globe.  They were charged to make sure there was some form of security for their population, but they learned to view their population as servants to their superiority, not equal members in society.  Gener- ations passed, populations grew and stratification became labeled to justify greater and greater security for the elite and less and less importance for those in the general population; unless they were charged with maintaining the position of the elites, these had more value within the categories. 

Women once associated with nature, fertility and life began to lose status.  Empathy was seen more and more as a weakness, killing without remorse was hailed as courage, taking other human being’s ability to survive was seen as bravery and strength; we retreated from our evolutionary abilities and created gods to justify and maintain our ignorance, divisions and brutality, in service of the elite.

Today we organize in this fashion; the human species is on a path is about destroying, eliminating and oppressing the other, the reality is there is no other, only us..  The elites use rigid laws, economic goals and extreme militarization to maintain the segregation from the rest of humanity; which ripples through the global population.  The purpose is to justify extremely unequal distribution that results in massive death, starvation and destitution, for the pomp  of the elites.  We founded this ideology of organization a long time ago, on what we would classify today as ignorance.  We know from science that we have evolved the adaptation of deep bonding, communication and cooperation allowing us to construct our environment the cultural material and beliefs that form our experiences.   The disorder we live with today was manufactured from the best of our knowledge at the time.   Our ability to deal with the growing population was minimal, because our knowledge of ourselves was minimal and maintaining the distorted status quo, required we look to the projected gods for assurance that in fact the massive stratification was god’s plan.  Rigid ideas of blasphemy and punishment were demanded by this manufactured god, to maintain his creation of human society. 

Today the knowledge of us, our abilities and how to deal with these immense population sizes, is plentiful.  Our technology and knowledge about the human race has far surpassed the information base used to organize our societies still being practiced today and the disparity between the two is killing us, literally.  Homo sapiens have become the most effective species to date to move from somatic evolution and extra-somatic adaptation.  Humans are not the first to adapt through interfacing with reality through a consciousness of symbolism to be able to conceive the world around us in fictive ways that allow us to imagine transformational uses…  But, to date, we seem to be the most efficient at it.  This makes us emergent in our abilities to comprehend life itself in virtually limitless ways and using our ability to imagine symbols, categories and labeled similarities and differences; we can not only transform the planet, molecules and resources, we transform ourselves.  We transform our identity.  We know today we have this ability, we are one species, one human family and we know that we can establish social dynamics that create human connections across the globe, communities that work for mutual security, empathetic connections that move from fear, to collaboratively solving our problems, faith in our collective ability; across the planet.

An example of the type of transformation possible in energy… Today we still depend on oil, coal and natural gas and we promote social relationships that formed around these energy sources.  These transformed our abilities when they came on the scene and were linked up across the globe to bring energy to people everywhere; truly an amazing ability; but along with these finite sources came further divisions and violence, who would profit, who would give their life, who would become wealthy and who would die.  This is much deeper that a life our death scenario, it is about establishing human perception.  It is symbolically categorizing some human beings as not worthy of life, a threat to civilization and in need of extermination; because we have to have reasons for what we do, how we organize and though it is against our core abilities to kill each other and watch each other starve, be tortured and be cast off, fear allows us to accept symbols to value such behavior as unavoidable, at least it is not me and if I can help it, it never will be.  A world based on fear, divisions and inhuman behaviors to hold that world in place.

Infinite energy sources represent sustainable lives, organizing above fear, by using our imagination to symbolize the reality of  our human connection, the imaginative diversity in how we have made up languages, religions, mediums of art and expression, along with economic foundations for societies, beliefs And values to organize social structure around and relationships.  In fact, we can imagine and organize around any realities we can imagine, within natural laws.  We know this now, beyond a doubt, science has given us a firm base of foundational information and understanding unlike any other time of life on earth.  This is the advantage of the evolution of the extra somatic; we can imagine our world, discuss it, refine it, and plan how to construct it, in countless way and we already have across the planet and through time.  Today, we have revolutionary understanding of everything, not complete by any means, but compared to even 50 years ago, transformational knowledge.  Transformational in the understanding of everything we do, from human values, to how to organize, the gods, goddesses we project to validate our understanding and the hierarchy of master-servant, have- have nots, rich and poor all are obsolete like the coal and oil we kill to possess for power, all obsolete.  Wow, this is madness to human beings and our world is demonstrating this madness, the split in consciousness between past, present and future possibilities…

We can deal with over population, resource acquisition and distribution today in ways that easily supply food, water, energy for our growing population, further, as we do this we create a lasting security between human groups that see mutual cooperation as the desirable goal, education becomes a must, an opportunity to finding our emergent purpose individually and as a member of the global population; of all life.  I am not talking about a utopia, I am simply applying the knowledge we have today, the technology and hypothetically creating scenarios where every community has power, every community growth its own food, manufactures clean water, works to produce symbols that connect us in cooperative efforts to remove wants, needs and fear and replace them with dialogues of human relatedness, human abilities and technological adaptations………….. 

When I look at the evolution of the extra somatic and I see it from the todays perspective, I see the evolution from fight or flight, to imagining human bonds of cooperation and facilitating those bonds with affiliative terms, labels and categories that bring us together as a cooperative social family.  The move towards the conscious symbolic perception we call love; love is the ability to live with the absence of fear.  By working together to eliminate fear for each other, we organize around the projected goals that symbolize love. 

Our current social pictures relegates love as well, almost powerless, because it would breach the goals of hierarchal domination and disparity that promoted fear as an organizational motivation, maintained by the symbol of money, those that have used money to make themselves demigods, at least in their own eyes, would consider what I just wrote a nonsensical betrayal of who they are; they believe they are superior, they belief mere humans should be happy to sacrifice life to maintain their royal superiority, so this investment, ownership class that has organized the world so that everyone pays tribute to them through the market and dividends paid to them in the market, will continue to use financial, media, political, religious and military means to maintain the status quo and many will continue to wear their allegiance and promote fear as the answer, hatred, violence and segregation required for such a world view.  So I do not know if we will be allowed to make the transformation, but it seems inevitable we will eventually, because the gates of ignorance are dissolving even with the application of debt to limit the spread of knowledge and create a financial responsibility in those that obtain knowledge; the emergent ca[ability of us is beyond the ability of these destructive symbols of the past to hold back…

Unfortunately, I will not see the transformation personally, in more than my visions, it will take more than a few decades and those filled with arrogance and consider bullying a virtue of achieving what they desire will stop at nothing, they already torture, commit genocide, starve people and jail them at unbelievable rates  and they have their fearful followers who pray to their gods of fear to smite their enemies, so I cannot predict the development of this transformation, except that it is a transformation of the mind, it needs to be spread through the population, we need to understand it and live it, until the foundation of fear this global empire is built upon no longer supports that status quo and mutual connection and support brings new relationships that demonstrate the absence of fear, replaced by the presence of mutual interests and cooperation, bringing ideas, symbols and values that insist on sustainable security for all, the goals built without fear, but with knowledge of our abilities; something you might reference as, love 😉